Apprenticeship Interview Questions | What Can You Expect?

  This guide will fill you in on apprenticeship interview questions and what you can expect. You’ve nailed your apprenticeship application and now you’ve been invited to an interview. You’re probably feeling many mixed emotions… From excitement to worry, happiness and nervousness! But don’t worry, those feelings are all completely normal. Here is a guide […]

Apprenticeships 2024

Apprenticeships are a fantastic route for young people who are ready to get out into the world of work. If you’re looking for a credible alternative to traditional learning routes, then an apprenticeship can give you the opportunity to earn and learn while gaining invaluable skills and work experience. During your apprenticeship, you’ll combine on […]

Myths about Social Care Apprenticeships

Time to bust a few myths about social care apprentices Lean back in your chair and visualise an apprentice working for a care home provider…. What do you see in your mind’s eye? Probably someone young who has not long left education, learning how to deliver care? Well you may be surprised to find that […]

Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2)

  Intermediate apprenticeships are also known as Level 2 apprenticeships and they are a great route for school leavers looking to get into the world of work. Whether you’re looking for an alternative route to A Levels or you’re keen to learn more about a specific industry, intermediate apprenticeships are a viable option.   What […]

Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3)

  Advanced apprenticeships are also known as level 3 apprenticeships or A Level apprenticeships. They are a viable alternative to full-time education and many school and college leavers choose this as a route to gaining qualifications and work experience.   What is an advanced apprenticeship? An advanced apprenticeship gives the learner an excellent opportunity to […]

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are a credible alternative to going to university. If you’re interested in gaining a degree but don’t like the sound of having to pay for tuition fees then this route could be right up your street! And you’ll be pleased to know that degree apprenticeships are on the rise. The relatively new type […]

Apprenticeship cover letter: 6-step structure for success

Your cover letter accompanies your CV when you’re applying for an apprenticeship and needs to do three important things. Firstly, it needs to act as your introduction to the recruiter or employer. Secondly, it needs to help you begin building rapport with them. Finally, it needs to encourage them to read on and open your […]

Higher Apprenticeships | What you need to know

Higher apprenticeships are a fantastic career route if you’re looking for a viable alternative to university. Whether you’re thinking about a higher level apprenticeship after your A Levels or you’ve just completed an advanced level apprenticeship, a higher apprenticeship can help pave the way for your future career. A range of qualifications come under the […]

Doing an Apprenticeship after a Degree

Andrew recently joined our team at Careermap. We believe apprenticeships are a great way to gain skills and experience! After graduating from university with a degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, I knew that a career in marketing was the path I wanted to take and I was eager to put my skills and knowledge […]

Digital Apprenticeships – next steps to a fulfilling career

  BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT is passionate about digital apprenticeships and as a professional body with 60,000 plus members, it says it’s a great way to start a fantastic well-paid career.   Tech has never been in such high demand in the workplace – but there’s a shortage of skilled people. This means, […]