Engineering apprenticeships – a way to make a difference

Engineering is an exciting and diverse industry, and apprenticeships can be a great route for young people to access the industry.

Authored by Dr Shini Somara, and created in collaboration with What on Earth Publishing and Imperial College London, the Engineers Making a Difference book and its associated resources introduces young people to inspiring individuals from across the engineering world, including those who started their careers as apprentices. This kit has been designed to be a valuable resource for schools in the delivery of their career guidance plan against the Gatsby Benchmarks framework.

With support from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, in March 2023 all state secondary schools in the UK will receive a free school kit containing two copies of the book Engineers Making a Difference, a Teacher’s Guide, 12 hot topic posters, and a full-length timeline wall chart.

Young people can read about how Joshua Schofield created his fruit-and-veg-destroying robot NoProbLemo while on an apprenticeship at the National Physical Laboratory, and learn how Katriya Sabin took her first steps to becoming an engineer as an apprentice at the UK Atomic Energy Authority. Discover how Jahangir Shah used his apprenticeship to learn how to bring us great TV, while Georgia Lilley is using hers to create the buildings of the future. These stories and more can all be found in the pages of Engineers Making a Difference.

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