Unlocking Futures: Degree Apprenticeships with York St John University

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In our evolving educational landscape, degree apprenticeships offer a compelling blend of academic prowess and practical acumen for school leavers, upskillers, and career restarters.

​​​​​​​This session aims to illuminate these transformative opportunities.Despite their vast potential, these apprenticeships are often overlooked. We navigate the challenges of perception, propelled by historical biases, through an emphasis on practical skills and entry into the professional arena.

Collaborative efforts between educational institutions and employers, in line with the Skills Bill, drive the advancement of this educational pathway.

Recognising both advantages and challenges, we explore how degree apprenticeships can become a genuine conduit to professional and personal advancement—earning while learning and seamlessly transitioning into the professional realm.

Join us on this webinar as we explore how apprenticeships emerge as a genuine pathway to success.

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