Syneos Health: 2023 UK National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is the 16th annual celebration of apprentices. This year’s theme is “Skills for Life”; reflecting on how becoming an apprentice can help develop individual’s skills required for a new career while also helping businesses develop a highly talented workforce.

Syneos Health launched the first cohort of apprentices in September of 2019 and since then there has been a new cohort every year. This program at Syneos Health is 5 years and apprentices will come out with a B.Sc. in Applied Bioscience (Clinical Trials) along with 5 years of industry experience. Our current apprentices reflected on their experience at Syneos Health and shared their favorite part of their apprenticeship along with their motivations for joining. Hear more from our apprentices: 

What has been your favorite part of your apprenticeship at Syneos Health?

My favorite part of the apprenticeship is the amount of experience I have gained. I have been exposed to 4 different departments, Trial Master File, the Catalyst team, Proposals, and Global Regulatory Affairs Solutions. I’ve met lots of people and been able to determine which department is for me. – Matilda Wyatt

Meeting new friends, being part of a team, and developing my career educationally and professionally. –Emily Nye

My favorite part of the apprenticeship is being able to meet and socialize with like-minded people. Also, having the ability to gain insight into the clinical trial industry is a very rewarding opportunity, and it’s exciting to be a part of. –Jessica Davey

My favorite part of the apprenticeship is learning new skills, meeting and working with different people, and getting hands-on experience. – Karina Grewal

So far, learning more about the clinical trials industry and developing scientific knowledge has been my favorite part. I have also enjoyed spending time with other apprentices that have a similar outlook to me as we progress together in a non-traditional career path. -Tally Roberts

The opportunity to meet new people and form professional relationships at such an early stage in my career: albeit through my placement within proposals, the apprenticeship scheme, or through trips to the office with colleagues from a range of departments. Additionally, the ability to build these new connections and strengthen existing connections through social and networking events within Syneos Health. –Rui Pinto

I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience on all aspects of the apprenticeship, from fantastic managers and colleagues and being supported so well in both my working role and my degree, to really feeling included and appreciated in the business. I’ve loved all the special events at the office and online and I am grateful for all the opportunities and resources available to me which allow me to develop skills and further my knowledge. My favourite part of the apprenticeship is all of it! –Kelleigh Benedyk

Why did you choose Syneos Health for your apprenticeship?

Syneos Health has a great culture, where I have felt welcomed in every team. I chose this company after researching its values, which were important to me. During the apprenticeship, I will also gain a degree and experience in the industry. – Matilda Wyatt

Syneos Health had a good reputation as a CRO and was very local compared to some other degree apprenticeships. Also, being able to do a BSc in Applied Bioscience was very attractive as it was similar to the degree I would have done at university if I had chosen the traditional route. –Jessica Davey

The apprenticeship offered the ability to change placements and learn different skills as well as about different departments within the whole CRO industry. – Karina Grewal

When looking for apprenticeships, I knew I wanted something that was science related but also something that did not involve laboratory work or studying science practically. Syneos Health stood out to me because of its joint benefit of gaining office/corporate/admin experience combined with academic time to work towards a bioscience degree that can lead to various different career directions. -Tally Roberts

The Syneos Health apprenticeship encapsulated everything I wanted after leaving college: not only a job that positively impacts the lives of people treated, but also a job that provides experience within a multitude of different roles during a set period. Biology has always been a fascination of mine, therefore choosing this apprenticeship which revolves around its application in clinical trials, and the accompanied ‘applied biosciences’ degree completed in tandem with the vocational work, enticed me into this fantastic opportunity. Rui Pinto

I chose an apprenticeship with Syneos Health after experiencing the company’s values and culture first hand. I was nervous about applying for an apprenticeship at an older age then most and unsure whether I would fit in or even be considered. Instead, I was made to feel welcome and valued from my very first interview and the more I learned about the company I knew that I wanted a career at Syneos and accepted as soon as the offer came through!Kelleigh Benedyk 

Applications for our newest apprenticeship cohort are opening in Spring of 2023. Be on the lookout for these when these applications open. Check out current openings:  

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