Top Tips From An Apprentice On Finding An Apprenticeship

  Shannia Daley is an Operations IT Apprentice with Amazon. She’s shared her valuable top tips for wannabe apprentices to find the perfect role. She says, “Apprenticeship programmes like the one I’m on at Amazon are fantastic for anyone who wants to continue learning or training but doesn’t want to go to university or college. The Amazon Apprenticeship programme is perfect for anyone aged 18+ who either has GCSEs or A-levels or good life experience. You’ll have the opportunity to get paid while you learn and the hands-on experience is second to none.”  

How to find the perfect apprenticeship

  1. Do your homework. It sounds obvious but research the type of apprenticeship you want. Do you want something engineering based? Or is IT more your thing? By understanding what sort of role you really want, you’ll be able to identify the perfect apprenticeship to help you achieve your ambitions.
  2. Pick a company that matches your ambitions. I wanted to work with the best people, the best technology and the best equipment, so I chose Amazon. Choosing a leading company in your industry will give you unrivalled exposure and opportunities.
  3. Throw yourself into it. When it’s time to leave the classroom and start the practical side of the apprenticeship, make friends, ask questions and really become part of the team. The people here are accommodating with their time and they’re also super-helpful. But best of all, they’re great fun. The fun nature of the team helped me settle quickly and was a key factor in helping me learn the ropes.
  4. Watch and learn. You really can learn a lot by paying attention to everyone around you. I feel that the way some of my mentors conduct themselves teaches me so much and sets a standard for how I want to work myself. I find their way of doing things a real inspiration and that helps me learn the basics of the role quickly. You’re learning from the best in the business while getting paid – what’s better than that?
  5. Organise your time. The combination of learning in a classroom and working in a real-life setting is brilliant, but it does require some forward planning.
  6. Remember. Everything you do on an apprenticeship is important and you must learn quickly how to balance your time so you’re putting the time into the theory as well as the practice. There are lots of time management tools available online that can help you to prioritise your classroom and work schedule.